The Beatles 50th Anniversary and A Crash Now Due to Thoughts of Gabriel Byrne

ImageThe Beatles. So I watched the 50th Anniversary Beatles Grammys Tribute to “The Beatles” tonight with my Mom. My Mom at some points sang along when Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney sang near the end. She sang along with some of the covers as well. My mom even started dancing on the couch somewhat to the music of “The Beatles.” A side of my Mom I don’t always see. So of course in turn at points I became happy and finding the beat in the songs I allowed myself some freedom to be happy and moved an wiggled a bit to some of the great covers of “The Beatles” songs and when Ringo and Paul sang too. Then in the silence of my bedroom, as most often happens twas when my heart, mind, and soul really had that realisation, that crashing moment when I realised just how much of an impact the Grammys Tribute to “The Beatles” had on me-I find myself listening back and forth to “Hey Jude”, “Here comes the Sun”, and even just John Lennon’s songs “Imagine”, “Beautiful Boy”, and “Jealous Guy.” 

 Now I suppose that this crash and collision of thoughts and emotions when I found the article again and read it again “The Ballad of Gabriel and Yoko” via “The Independent.” This happened after re-reading this article for like the twentieth time yet again. In part realising just how much not just the whole world was moved by “The Beatles” because I had a greater understanding of that from what my Mom explained to me and watching The Grammys Tribute to “The Beatles.” Though from reading yet again just how much of an impact “The Beatles” had on Gabriel Byrne’s life as well. And I find myself wondering if Gabriel was able to in Chile watch the Grammys tribute to “The Beatles” or not, for I hope that he was able too. And if not, I hope that he may yet, and even if Gabriel was able to watch The Grammys Tribute to “The Beatles”, I hope that Gabriel was able to reminesce about great times and that he had a great time watching it. 

   I think that it was also great seeing Yoko Ono dance during the Grammys tribute to “The Beatles” on this 50th anniversary. That was another part of the reason why I did get happy too while watching the show with my Mom. And I am left totally once more agreeing with Gabriel Byrne with what he said in The Independent magazine: “To see my son with the same kind of excitement I had, it makes you think of the endurability of the Beatles,” “Bands will come and go but the Beatles will be forever, in the same way that Mozart and Chaucer transcended their own times.” So I have to personally say thank you to Gabriel Byrne for inspiring me once more and to Yoko Ono for inspiring me again as well. I also would like to say, “The Beatles” remain forever in the hearts of everyone in the universe that is for sure!. 


About byrneperfection

26, my name is Sarah. I Love Gabriel Byrne as an actor and I want to be a screenwriter. Of course I'd give anything to act in like one of the Quirke films if they make the other books into shows too. I'd give anything to interview-make friends with Gabriel and Hannah.

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