Blogging about “The 33” Movie and Actor Gabriel Byrne

ImageSo it would seem via the website “Cultura” that Gabriel Byrne just landed in Chile yesterday(I presume that, would be today there-if one is going from the United States to Chile time.) The article said that “Gabriel declined to give statements due to the fact that he was tired from the books.” I gather from that-that would be true, I do not doubt that a flight from New York to Chile would make for some good(being sarcastic here!) jetlag! I hope you recover quickly Gabriel from the jetlag, and may you have a great time filming, as I do not doubt that it will be fun to film that movie! // The article also went on to say: “Byrne was one of the last recruits, and will play the leader of the rescue, Andre Sougarret.” This film will make so many waiting-anxious for it, as I mean I remember watching as most probably do the rescue. This film sounds like it will be an epic one for sure, to keep a look out for regarding updates and to watch when it comes out. What with Antonio Banderas in it, who could not ask for more?! I wonder what Antonio Banderas thinks of Gabriel Byrne, and vice versa. I mean as actors I wonder how that experience will be for the both of them. I also hope that Gabriel might be able to rely on his experience of Spanish and speak Spanish. Now that….well that would/will be brilliant. O.O And Lou Diamond Phillips is a part of the cast, Juliette Binoche(Chocolat). So yes, this remains a film to definitely watch out for! 

A lovely video I found via Youtube that has subtitles from when Antonio Banderas makes the huge speech about the film. I wonder how much Spanish Gabriel knows-I mean yes I know he used to be a Spanish teacher though in several interviews he has said he apologizes to those he may have taught Spanish wrongly too. Myself I doubt he taught Spanish wrong at all-he was most likely a grand Spanish teacher! Good looking Spanish teacher and he was halfway there anyways. Hmm, though since Gabriel I doubt speaks Spanish everyday, I wonder just how much Spanish he has retained-it looks like from the above video as though Gabriel knows enough Spanish to get by. Though of course as with any film, there is a translator/coach whom I am sure Gabriel will heed the advice/and whatever else. As even though Gabriel knows enough Spanish to get by, no doubt he will need the help of the translator/coach. Admirable Gabriel is for taking up this project-admirable and “for the people” Gabriel has a heart of gold I think. So, You Go Gabriel! And “CHILE! CHILE! CHILE!” 🙂 Oh what would I give to visit Chile-anything! :p I did used to have a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula for a pet. I dare Gabriel to try Cuy(Guinea Pig) :p Interviewing Gabriel about this movie now that would be very interesting starting with something along the lines of how much Spanish does he remember, what drove him to accept the role, among other things. Interviewing Gabriel for The 33 now that would be a dream. Not about any of Gabriel’s past roles but just what was it that led Gabriel to The 33 and the why. The why which would no doubt remain the most interesting and just telling Gabriel that he has the heart of a lion-for that simple fact that he remains for the people in so many cases.



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26, my name is Sarah. I Love Gabriel Byrne as an actor and I want to be a screenwriter. Of course I'd give anything to act in like one of the Quirke films if they make the other books into shows too. I'd give anything to interview-make friends with Gabriel and Hannah.

2 thoughts on “Blogging about “The 33” Movie and Actor Gabriel Byrne

  1. irishconnell says:

    Link the Youtube Video please

  2. […] has also been posting about the making of this film. Check out her articles here and here and enjoy her […]

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