Louder Than Bombs Review

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Devin Druid, Amy Ryan, Isabelle Huppert, Gabriel Byrne.

Director: Joachim Trier


Whoa! Just Whoa! Talk about a brilliant beautifully poetic, moving film. First of all, I was waiting a while to see “Louder than Bombs.” Second, this movie – this film, the subject of it reminded me of another film “Winter” which I am waiting for to come out which has my other favourite actor Tommy Flanagan and which is directed by Heidi Greensmith. Though this movie, Jesse Eisenberg was brilliantly cast as Jonah-Gene(Gabriel Byrne)’s son.

Devin Druid was really superb as Conrad in this film as the other of Gene’s sons. 14224752_338988336442327_1095084400620670121_n

I loved how each of the characters dealt with the death of Isabelle(Isabelle Huppert) each of their grieving processes. Yet, how in the end-at the end of the film, all of the characters ended up forgiving each other, and coming together again. Joachim Trier did an excellent job directing this film. I liked how it showed the fact that kids use technology, etc. to break away from their parents. That kids have to at some point break away from their parents. 14212700_338988163109011_8391506992527907234_n

Loved how Gabriel did decide to allow Joachim to use the old picture of him from that movie he was in so long ago. Loved how the scene was used to in the film as well. 14184415_338988063109021_3046074885838763418_n

Gabriel truly was-is absolutely phenomenally brilliant in “Louder than Bombs.” I could watch it like five hundred more times too!


Nobody Wants the Night Small Review

Some of the cast: Juliette Binoche, Gabriel Byrne. “Nobody Wants the Night,” great movie, at least I think up until Bram(Gabriel Byrne) dies. 14212593_339654153042412_8051644624081185864_nThe movie is still interesting to an extent even after Gabriel Byrne’s  character Bram dies. Then I think it kind of gets a little weird. Juliette Binoche is a great actress(Chocolat, etc.) however, the film does go extremely downhill after Gabriel’s character dies off.

If you want to watch “Nobody Wants the Night,”  for Gabriel Byrne, watch it for the few minutes that he’s in it, but just try to watch it to the end.


One Week – But Always

One may, or may not know what this post will be about focusing in on that one keyword “Always.”  

 Yes, that bloody brilliant actor/person we know as Alan Rickman. It has already been one week since his passing, and yet I think on some level all of us still have not gotten over his passing. How can you? The answer: I do not think any one of us will ever “get over” his passing or “leave taking” as Emma Thompson brilliantly and sadly described it. Personally, myself, I think I fell for Alan when the rest of my generation did-Harry Potter. Of course, I fell for him after the first movie.  

 He became my favourite actor after the first movie because of how brilliant he was! I did an interview for the local newspaper near me Contra Costa Times. I remember the interviewer asking which scene was my favourite and character. At the time-nervous and on the spot I said Hagrid and the hut scene when Hagrid blew open the door. Looking back however, I regret saying that-because it was really Snape and the scene where Alan Rickman as Snape spoke about Potions class expectations. Why? The way he was able to capture and hold one’s attention. After the firt Harry Potter film, I went back and delved into Alan’s earlier/newer movies. All the tributes from those who knew him well have been just as hard to read/watch etc. as much as they were and are hard to say. 

  Alan Rickman as Harry in “Love Actually”, telling Emma Thompson “You’re a Saint,” which based on their great friendship, I’m sure he really did think that of her-and by what type of caring, kind, loving, type of guy he was as well as being a super brilliant one and an absolute genius on so many levels.  
   Alan from “Truly, Madly, Deeply,” brilliant film about coping with the loss of a loved one.  
 “Galaxy Quest” and “Snow Cake” were brilliant films too and both with Sigourney Weaver. I loved “Galaxy Quest” because of how funny it was and I learned a lot from “Snow Cake.” The Winter Guest also had a huge impact on me, Emma Thompson was bloody brilliant in it as was her mum. Also, Sean Biggerstaff was brilliant in it too considering that was before he was Oliver Wood.  

   Alan was brilliant and hilarious in “Bottleshock,” everything from the way he drank wine, to the KFC scene to the hilarious bit about not being an asshole but being British and the other was not.  
   Alan was the downright best Sheriff of Nottingham in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and he was absolutely phenomenal in CBGB.  
 Back to Harry Potter again-Alan was by far the best ever as Snape. He was great at supporting all the rest of his fellow co-stars in it from Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Matthew Lewis, Katie Leung, to his contemporaries Jason Isaacs, Dame Maggie Smith, Ralph Fiennes, Helen McCrory, Robbie Coltrane, Fiona Shaw, Richard Harris(RIP), Kenneth Branaugh(sp?) etc.  

   My thoughts, prayers, love go to everyone who knew Alan personally, especially to his wife Rima Horton and Sharleen Spiterri in this difficult time.  
   And, who could forget Alan in “Sense & Sensibility,” he was absolutely phenomenal and perfect in it with both Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson-who did an absolutely amazing job on the script!  

   And how fitting it was that he cast Kate Winslet in “A Little Chaos” which much like “The Winter Guest,” twenty years before he-Alan directed so mavellousy!  
 Alan has left a huge legacy which has left many of us with a piece missing from our heart and one that will not be healed easily by anything, but time.  


 Alan left us with a lot of phenomenal quotes, the one about feminism which needs to be fixed.  



 Alan Rickman R.I.P. you beautiful angel of a man. Thank you for being in this lifetime – for sharing so much of yourself. Though I do think that God took you much too soon, you were supposed to live for at least a few more years-I almost thought you were immortal-don’t worry you are…you’re immortal and immortalised in everyone’s hearts for all time – always. 



Randomness – Short Story Started – What I have So Far

UnclePaulStory: Based on my uncle Paul V who died back in 2008. A Raiders fan and a Harley Davidson motorcycle guy-he used to have a Night Train Harley Davidson I believe it is. 🙂

I dunno, if this ever gets anywhere-I have thoughts on casting. ^^

Tommy Flanagan – Paul Campbell
Mark Boone Jr – Brad Dreyfuss
Sean – Theo Rossi
Rob: Seth Peterson
Nick Dunning – Mick
Katie Leung – Lana Campbell
Caroline Patersen – Maggie

What I have so Far:
The Lone Biker: A Short Story So Far

Paul Campbell worked day in and day out for GoodYear for the longest times. One of his co-workers Sean called him over. “Paul! The El Camino is in the garage already, Rob looked it over, there’s also a Mazda 6 being looked at by Rob now too.” “The El Camino is in great shape, the Mazda 6 needs new tires and new brake pads.” Paul nodded at Sean. He watched as Sean went back into the garage to help Rob with the Minivan that was also in the garage.

Paul went inside and went to the computer-he typed a few things with one finger-one of his specialties-he could type fast with one finger. Paul ordered the parts that his sister Lana’s car needed. Paul called Lana up to inform her that he had to order new parts for her car. Lana was fine with everything-that Paul had to do in order to fix her car up. Lana knew Paul was exceptional with cars and that he could fix them up perfectly.

After Paul spoke with his sister Lana, he called up his best friend Maggie to meet him at a local bar and to bring the bike. Maggie showed up at the Banta Inn arriving there on her motorcycle as Paul had asked her too. He was leaning against the wall waiting for her-smoking a cigar-he took a drag on his cigar. “Thank you for meeting me Maggie, I wanted to talk with you about something regarding bikes…”

“Go ahead and shoot Paul, what is it?” Maggie raised her eyebrows at Paul. Maggie ordered a steak and a Guinness. Paul had ordered a prime rib and a Budweiser. “Very well then Maggie, so impatient love…” “I have been thinking of buying a motorcycle to have along with my blue pinstriped El Camino.”

Maggie took a sip of her Guinness before she spoke next. “It’s totally up to you Paul-you know Brad has a motorcycle right and he’s twice as big as you are.” “Aye I do know that Maggie, that is part of why I want to get a motorcycle too.” Paul replied having made his decision.

A few weeks later and Paul was riding his motorcycle-a Harley Davidson Night Train around everywhere around town. One month went past, and Paul decided to ride his motorcycle with Brad on his motorcycle and Maggie on her motorcycle as well as with Mick on his motorcycle. Paul’s sister Lana tailed them in her car from behind as they rode to Hollister for one of the biker get togethers.

The journey to Hollister from the San Joaquin valley took about 3 hours having to stop and refill the tanks on the motorcycles. Once there in Hollister-they browsed through the crowded streets-Lana bought a West Coast Chopper shirt for her daughter. Paul bought a new leather jacket and a beer in the bar they all went into. Maggie and Lana each had a beer as well, as did Mick and Brad.

A Few Last Thoughts on Quirke

QuirkeA few last things I wanted to touch on regarding “Quirke.” The reviewers who gave “Christine Falls”, “The Silver Swan,” and “Elegy For April” a bad review must not have read the books. In order to be able to understand these shows-one must have had to read the books in order to understand the plots of each show. As well, I think again, despite all the cutting and jumping around that all three shows did a bloody brilliant job. These of course all lead back to Benjamin Black (John Banville) so thank you to him for writing all of the books about Quirke. As well, I have to say, I like some of the added events that happened since so much editing out/cutting had to be done to the shows. As well again, I think this role was one of Gabriel Byrne’s best roles! 🙂 Wait-what role is Gabriel not superb in? :p That’s right the answer is none. Gabriel is superb in any and every role that he takes on no matter what. Likewise for Nick Dunning, Geraldine Somerville, Colin Morgan and Aisling Franciosi. It is thanks to all of them for bringing alive the brilliant characters too. 🙂 

The Brilliance That Is Quirke




I really do not understand why all the bad reviews about Quirke were written. I thought the sound was fine-maybe it could just be the fact that I am used to Gabriel Byrne, Nick Dunning , Aisling Franciosi, and Geraldine Sommerville, and Colin Morgan’s voices. Though I did also understand many of the supporting cast too. I also understood Brian Gleeson, the actor who portrayed the assistant at the Silver Swan, the actor who portrayed Patrick as well as the actresses who portrayed Dierdre, Brenda Ruttledge. I was used to Donald Sumpter from Game of Throne too.





Yes, I truly do not understand all the reviews about bad sound about the BBC or RTE. I didn’t think that any of the cast mumbled-though then, I have been told from people that know me well I mumble a bit. >.>





Going on further, I think the shows were epically brilliant. All three were absolutely superb. I thought that Andrew Davies did a splendid job on all three of them Christine Falls, The Silver Swan, and Elegy for April. I was also left with the same results/feelings I had after I read the books. After “Christine Falls” I was left with the need to continue on the journey to travel with Quirke to unravel that which he wanted to. During “The Silver Swan,” much like in the book-I thought that it dragged in the beginning and that it was slower than “Christine Falls,” or “Elegy for April.”





And at the end of “Elegy For April,” well when I read it, I did not think that it would be as dramatic or as emotional an ending as it turned out to be on screen. I thought that “Elegy For April,” was edited/cut perfectly too. Things were cut a lot from the books as always happens from book to screen unless one wants to sit through a good few hours more! I liked the fact that there turned out to be no car scene-as the car was not really a main thing anyway. Though yes, the ending, I am still left emotional from that ending. I hope that the last three books turn into shows as well. Gabriel, where ever you are in New York right now, I just want you to know that you were amazing as Quirke, perfect as Quirke and I hope you and the Missus-the amazing Hannah Beth King have a great Thanksgiving! Xx // Nick Dunning-you were amazing too as Malachy Griffin-no one else could have done a better job than you. Michael Gambon, well bloody brilliant as Judge Garrett Griffin-much like Geraldine Somerville was as Sarah Griffin. I kept getting moments too where I thought for a moment of Dumbledore or Lily Potter nee Evans. I thought about how Dumbledore in some instances shared certain traits with Judge Garrett Griffin, and likewise Lily Evans with Sarah Griffin. I thought it was great to finally be able to see Geraldine Somerville in a longer on screen role than as Lily Potter. Overall, Quirke I must say remains phenomenally epically brilliant. I also wish that just maybe if John Banville as Benjamin Black’s books “A Death in Summer,” “Holy Orders,” and the last one become shows, I just wish that just maybe-somehow I could get a part on it if even just as a corpse!

A Few Reasons why Donal Logue( @donallogue )is one of the Best People in the World

I usually write about Gabriel Byrne on this wordpress of mine. Sure I have one called “Logueperfection.” Though this is my main blog which is connected to my main Twitter account. The other one is connected to “Aisling Trucking” Ais Trucking Support…what have you. Anyways, onwards with what I want to write about on this new blog of mine.: 


I recently spent time watching Gotham for the second time no that long ago before Outlander came on. Anyways the few reasons I came up are as follows: 

1. He remains down to earth and level headed even though he’s also one of the greatest actors and makes a good amount of $.

2. He has one of the biggest hearts and gives it to practically everyone he comes to know.
3. He will talk to all of his fans-he does a great job of not excluding too, he takes a good amount of time out of his busy life to talk to fans/and always likes a great down to earth conversation.
4. He tends to portray “badass” characters a lot and is a badass himself though while he says he has a “shitty” attitude naw, he doesn’t! ^~^ Donal is like a big badass teddy bear! :p
5. Never for one minute, moment, or second does he forget where he comes from-he’s proud of his hometown-loyal to it-he’s loyal to his roots-his family.
6. He’s an animal guy.
7. Music: Donal has one of the best music tastes around.
8. The versatility-his versatility is amazing from his roles to his past jobs-even current like his non acting jobs-Aisling Trucking and Frison-Logue Hardware.
9. The fact that he constantly loves to learn/and at the same time to share so much-to teach.
10. Non Judgemental(?): Donal seems to never judge anyone hardly, he’s nice to everyone unless you get on his bad side(so don’t, and I mean don’t!)
11. Trust: He is somehow able to trust others easily.
12. Helps Society: The fact that Donal through his company Aisling Trucking reaches out to start a trucking school in Oregon and hiring to hire ordinary people to expand that great company Aisling Trucking.
13. Singing: A versatility aspect, still it’s epic that he shares his passion for singing by :p posting himself singing.
14. The fact that Donal will be there-be a good listener for others. He’s loyal, he won’t hand feed any one of his “friends” success-he will stand by everyone. He’s open to being “available” as far as you get to know him to an extent and he doesn’t mind anyone asking him a question-I suppose it could just be he makes himself available.
15. His “Faith” and seemingly “Faith” in some things.
16. His Piscean-ness(I don’t know how to quite put it, I’m a Piscean myself so…I suppose something along the lines of I get Donal’s “vibe” or “vibes.”